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Please enjoy browsing my little gallery. ^^

Currently, Requests and Art Trades are Closed! :meow:


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Zai / Zeezo
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
About me?
A lil' ☆ in this world.
Let's put the stamps here. A~nd there we go!

Muslim Stamp Pink by kidliquorice

Mewtwo stamps collection! XD ♡
Mewtwo Stamp by gangstergMega Mewtwo X by MarlenesstampsPokken Shadow Mewtwo Stamp by SMB101Mega Mewtwo X Stamp by FireFlea-SanSexay Stare stamp by CrystalhedgieMewtwo Strikes Back Stamp by Snuf-StampsMewtwo Stamp by Snuf-StampsGift : Mewtwo Stamp by Miss--LibertyMewtwo Stamp by Heart-StampYoung Mewtwo Stamp by KaidaTheDragonMEGA Mewtwo Stamp by Heart-Stamp

My other stamps! :3
SebastianxKrystal Fan Stamp (Read Description) by Yami-no-Kemono BB-8 Chick Magnet Stamp by CassieCros13 Dedede X Camilla - Stamp by Crystal-Okami Stamp: Meta Knight x Tiff by Teikoku-Yuki If i would... Pokemon stamp by LiitTutubi Pokemon Love Stamp by Riiarei Koutetsujou no Kabaneri by Re-tho (more to come! CX)

My 3DS Code is: 2105 - 9598 - 3857
Name as Zoozo Doll! :D

I love drawing, it's what I always do! I feel better when I put words into art! :meow:
For hobbies: there's writing, reading and in some rare cases Singing. I play a lot of video games, and I have a growing talent of speaking Japanese language.
I'm oblivious at times~ :heart:

If you're needing me in anything else, please note me! ♡
Wissu! How's everyone today? C:

I wanted to give you all a heads-up on what will I work on next, aside from my usual sketches.

So first, there are the requests I have received quite a while back in 2016 that I never got to upload. Which is pretty much neglective of me, and I want to apologize for that. ;v;//
I am working on it, I will upload it first thing when I finish! >o<;
Secondly, there are about.. 3 or 4 mini comics I need to ink before submitting them here. There's Curiosity page 6, Eventual Events, Grinding Guilt Chap. 1, and Memory of Tears. (Completed with colors.) Memory of Tears is kinda special, therefore I will leave it for last to submit. :nod::heart:

So that's it for now!

Ah, right, right! ^v^
I sketched a What If pic, it's abo~ut Mi chan..
As a human? :meow:
20170219 000733 by Nell-tu-lover

(Please note that these sketches are just for fun and will never take place in my mini-comics/ main comic, Violent Blue. Never.)

Thank you for Reading this, and I hope to see you around! :wave:
  • Listening to: Vicetone Electric
  • Reading: None.
  • Watching: My room's ceiling, it's got a pretty texture. :p
  • Playing: None.
  • Eating: None.
  • Drinking: Water.


3 weeks since using the move Hold Back on Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
That's an actual progress! x'D

I want to sleep and skip this week of project producting, so I can draw. Again.
And again and again! Cx
So, I'm looking after DamianMyutsuu's account for a while. A long one.
He needs a big break from dA and social media for reasons I can't tell. I hope he is doing well. :>

If there's anything you needed from him, RP or anything else, please don't hesitate to tell me!
Thank you for reading. .:aww lover:. 
My brother bought me Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a present, and I received it about 2 weeks ago. (Thanks~!)

Still can't play it.

I know we're progressing a lot in terms of finishing up projects before other sections, O dear professors, but there's nothing to be ashamed of when we miss out once on a deadline.
Have we not established the fact that we are progressing more than the others?

At least I know how to create a background now.
At least I'm now better at using digital media and mixing it with my traditional artworks.
At the very least, I'm actually learning something useful this year/ semester.


Character Bio - Blume by Nell-tu-lover

Have a look at my Primarina boy, Blume.
Ain't he a beauty? ~:heart:
I think I'm still taking those baby steps.
I mean, all I know are just basics. -v- ;
I hope to become even better soon.
So, see you later~
My current source of entertainment: pencil and sketch note. :heart:
It rained, I love rain and want to run outside and play like a kid! x'D
However, due to my body's condition, I haven't left the house. I finished my design for tomorrow's printing class instead, which is good enough.
`\_( - ,- )_/`
Still, today's rain was very refreshing! >v< /
It's night here. How was today for you all?


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